Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Precious flesh and bone
master of my days
I seek to please this vitreous bag
to make it live forever
Incessant worry of disease
death lurking behind every shadow
I fear my own mortality
and deny my wounds
I must learn to accept these wounds
My heart may stop
but love will not
Tumors may infest
but truth cannot be overgrown
Nerves may scream
but courage is louder
Breath may come labored
but spirit flows freely
Forgetfulness forgets
but the spirit remembers
Insanity creeps up
but forgiveness abounds
I lay my hand in the wound
I feel the insides of me
I accept these wounds
Tear our my heart father
that I may love more dearly
Invade me with sickness
that truth may shine brighter
Set every nerve afire
so courage may win the day
Cease my breath father
that I subsist on spirit alone
Cause me to forget everything
so that all I know is you
Let me lose my mind
so that I can be forgiven
I accept these wounds
I accept this healing
I am reborn anew

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